IMSLP:Vacant staff positions

Staff Positions

Note: IMSLP's staff is not a typical corporate staff or the like; no one is paid, and everyone is treated mostly as equals, with moderators approaching each other to meet their needs based on speciality. Currently, IMSLP is looking for people to fill these staff positions:

Description: Someone who resolves disputes, prevents/controls vandalism, and cleans up wiki pages. I will more or less hand pick people based on their knowledge of the system and the length of contribution to IMSLP, as well as the current demand.
Website Designers
Description: Someone who makes the pages pretty and all :) (Designers especially wanted!)
Internationalization (translation)

People who are interested please check out the IMSLP staff contact list. All score submitters should also read the score submission guidelines and guide/walkthrough. Of course, all contributions to IMSLP are very much appreciated, regardless of the form it is in.

Again: a few people have e-mailed me asking what the pay is. However, IMSLP has practically no revenue, so there are no paid staff positions on IMSLP.